Palazzo Pianca, a new hotel and Research Hub in Venice

Palazzo Pianca

Pianca has created a new hotel in the historic centre of Venice designed as an applied research contract project. Palazzo Pianca is a Research Hub which explores the meaning of hospitality, defined by a meshing of past and contemporary culture.

Pianca has created a contract project to explore and interpret the requirements and trends of living and travel today. This hotel stands in the heart of historic Venice, between the Church of Santa Maria del Giglio and the Grand Canal, in an elegant 16th century palazzo.

This is an applied research project, a Research Hub that Pianca wanted to explore the meaning of hospitality: a hub for experimenting with hospitality styles and trends destined to be modified over time in order to constantly test and introduce new style and function solutions.

Palazzo Pianca Venezia

Palazzo Pianca is more just a hotel,” explains the company president, Aldo Pianca, “It is a challenge for us that we accepted with immense pride and a desire to prove ourselves, right from the start.

Palazzo Pianca is founded on its strong bond with the city, at the same time offering itself as an ideas factory to constantly update the perception of the role of design.

The Veneto company’s trademark clean lines, textural combinations and natural elegance are the defining qualities of the hotel’s rooms and suites, which combine beautiful lighting and colours in a constant reference to the city’s tradition, in a meshing of past and contemporary culture.

Guests can choose between comfortable rooms suites with eclectic style, rendered even more beautiful with classic pieces from the Pianca collections, created by major names in the design world like Calvi Brambilla, Cristina Celestino, Emilio Nanni and Philippe Tabet, and products designed by Tim Kerp, Stefano Gaggero and Studio Metrica.


Palazzo Pianca

San Marco 2475, 30124 Venice, Italy

T +39 041 0970118

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