L'abitare secondo Pianca, attraverso illustrazioni animate
sedia orchestra design philippe tabet per pianca illustrazione di pierre bourrigault

Orchestra chair design Philippe Tabet

Living the Pianca way

Illustration, music and animation to provide a poetic expression of living the Pianca way and offer a different interpretation of its collections

Home is the place where our private lives are played out, where we are the ones who dictate the rhythms, assess priorities and choose companions to spend our days with. We are the key figures in the domestic dimension and it allows us to take care of ourselves. Furniture brings our spaces to life and allows us to experiment with dynamic, versatile and comfortable solutions. This is the mission of Pianca, whose ideas of living are always modern and vibrant.

The company chose to explore the world of animation to provide a poetic representation of that vision, commissioning illustrator Pierre Bourrigault and composer Lorenzo Tomio to create animated illustrations depicting little scenes of home life.

These fleeting glimpses delicately let the beauty revealed to our eyes every day emerge, and highlight the central role of design. With Pianca, every piece of furniture becomes an integral part of our private life, allowing us to rethink our spaces, and fully embrace the possibilities presented by each home. Whether it is a chair or a coffee table, their bond with the choices of living is tangible and translates into moments of multiple nuances: moments of dialogue between us, our home and the outside world, as much as we allow it to interact and surprise us.

Pierre-Bourrigault illustratore per pianca

« This series of animations, inspired by the seasons and moments of daily routine », explains Pierre Bourrigault, « is similar to Japanese haiku, short scenes that evoke a fleeting sentiment, an invitation to reflect and make changes. »

The Haiku is one of the most popular poetic forms in the East. It consists of just three lines and offers a rich seam of scenarios depicting every aspect of life, from nature to daily actions, and from the seasons to the emotions they arouse. It provides inspiration and acts as a reference for the artists who created this cycle of animations for Pianca, using pencil drawings, colours and music in the place of words.

This creates room for reflection and emotion, via an unconventional portrayal, that actively eschews the world of photography. This is a new communicative language for Pianca, totally up to speed with modern times, just like its collections.

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