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Una nuova collezione di tessuti ecosostenibili, ideati per salvaguardare l’uomo e il Pianeta attraverso scelte attente nelle lavorazioni e colorazioni prive di sostanze nocive. In totale sono 7 i nuovi modelli della Green Collection

Green Collection

Pianca presents the new eco-friendly fabric collection of 7 designs inspired by the world of plants

A new collection of eco-friendly fabrics, designed to care for people and our planet through careful choices in production techniques and fabric dyeing processes free of toxic substances. There are 7 new designs in the Green Collection, created to make Pianca furniture even more beautiful: Acacia, Bellis, Dalia, Erica, Malva, Narciso and Zea. The names of the various fabrics are inspired by the world of plants to highlight the environmentally sustainable approach that has always been a core value of Pianca.

Tessuti riciclati per la collezione di imbottiti Pianca

The uniquely diverse fabrics enhance the collections, bringing warmth and beauty to the decor scheme. They are designed to be inviting, warming and luxurious, transforming a room with 3D textures and a myriad of colours.

The fabrics are available for all upholstered furniture in the collection. The latest Pianca products – the Peonia sofa and Calatea armchair with pouf by Cristina Celestino, and the Naan armchair by Federica Biasi – can also be chosen with one of the Green Collection fabrics for a versatile, elegant look.

Glass of water with microplastic particles instead of clean water, plastic pollution concept, plastic garbage destructioned and has negative impact on environment, get into food and water, top view

Finely woven, soft to the touch, sleek and and light. The fabrics are made using wool or cottons blended with recycled materials, such as plastic bottles, and production processes that do not use toxic chemicals harmful to living organisms or people.

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