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Contemporary art in the company, supporting an inclusive culture.
From 8th May to september Pianca is hosting Human Society Collection, a solo photography exhibition by artist Reed Young


Pianca has become a Founder Member of Fondazione Efesto, a young Venetian foundation with a European heart, passionately active in the social sphere, with the aim of helping to build a truly inclusive culture. The Foundation’s commitment manifests through the arts, culture, music and sport as promoters of a new humanism, based on a contemporary standard of equality and mutual respect.
To celebrate these shared aims, values and visions, Pianca is hosting Reed Young’s solo show entitled « Human Society Collection » at its headquarters in Gaiarine. Twelve photographs are on display in the exhibition curated by Maura Buosi Celant, Art Director of Fondazione Efesto.

mostra fotografica reed young

Human Society Collection photographic exhibition at Pianca, Via Dei Cappellari 20, Gaiarine

Reed young photographer Pianca

Child on horseback, Reed Young

Reed Young is an American photographic artist whose work explores social issues, politics, climate and psychology. His images essentially portray the human condition in an exploration of humankind and a continuing dialogue with the places we inhabit, as if they were floors of a universal condo. « Human Society Collection » is divided into two sections, which look at two different situations: Las Pajas, in the Dominican Republic, and Harlem, the famous New York neighbourhood, explored from an unconventional perspective.

At the end of the exhibition all the photographs on display will be sold in a charity auction, with proceeds going to support the inclusion projects promoted by Fondazione Efesto.

Exhibition Opening time
From monday to friday 9.00 – 17.00

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