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A Night with Hope è l’iniziativa di fundraising nata per supportare la ricerca medica promossa dall’Istituto di Ricerca Pediatrica “Città della Speranza” di Padova di cui Pianca è partecipante

A Night With Hope

Pianca is supporting A Night with Hope, a fundraising initiative for paediatric medical research. We are putting up our Calatea armchair, designed by Cristina Celestino: the lottery draw, with 100% of proceeds going to charity, will be live-streamed on Instagram

A Night with Hope is the fundraising initiative launched to support medical research promoted by Padua’s Paediatric Research Institute « Città della Speranza », or City of Hope. Edra, Cassina, Seletti, Driade, Pianca, Fontana Arte, The One Atelier, Bitossi, Matteo Pala Tappeti, Architetto Michele De Lucchi, Vistosi: these are the brands that have decided to get behind the initiative, donating iconic design pieces to the lottery that will see 100% of profits go to the charity, giving ticket buyers the opportunity to win prestigious prizes for just a small donation. All proceeds from the initiative will go to funding a paediatric cancer research project.

a night with hope pianca partecipa donando la poltrona calatea all'evento benefico per la ricerca pediatrica

Calatea armchair design Cristina Celestino

designer italiana Cristina Celestino per Pianca

Cristina Celestino designed the Calatea armchair

The draw will take place on 31 July at 11.00am live on Instagram, with the project’s originator, Anna Masello, in attendance along with all the businesses taking part. There will be 1500 tickets on offer for each prize, priced at 20 euros each, so that anyone can have the chance to win a design icon with just a small show of solidarity.

The City of Hope Foundation has been fighting childhood cancers since 1994 and is the main financial backer of the Paediatric Research Institute (IRP). The latter, which opened in 2012, every year runs 10 research projects, selected by an international panel of experts through the IRP’s call for research project applications.

A Night with Hope will be funding one of these very projects over the course of three years, through to 2023: led by Dr. Lara Mussolin, it will focus on cutting off sustenance to type B cancer cells when the tumour comes back in the child after they were initially cured

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