Pianca at the 5th Pambianco Design Summit, Milan
pambianco design summit milano intervista ad Antonia Pianca

Pambianco Design Summit

Antonia Pianca, Pianca’s Marketing and Communication Manager, was at the 5th Pambianco Design Summit to talk about distribution channels in the world of furniture. Pianca present as a virtuous example.

The fifth Pambianco Design Summit took place on 26th June and this year focussed on the theme of distribution channels in the furniture industry. For the event, Palazzo della Borsa in Milan hosted face-to-face interviews and debates between industry professionals. Independence, flexibility, creativity and contract were the main subjects of the round table, led by Antonia Pianca, Head of Marketing and Communications for Pianca. Boosted by its policy of development and internationalization in the retail and contract sectors, over the last three-year period Pianca has managed to record a 25% increase in turnover, which reached 40 million Euros in 2018. Eight international flagship stores were opened in the same period, and numerous contract projects concluded around the world, ranging from residential to hotel and nautical. Antonia Pianca reminded us of the latest turnkey project recently concluded in Mestre, highlighting the company’s ability to successfully overcome important challenges, with maximum customer satisfaction. It is all down to the remarkable manufacturing ability of its factories and the organizational structure upon which Pianca has been able to rely since 2016, the year in which it set up a company specializing in customized designs. Retail has also proved to be a strong distribution channel for the company, present in 1500 stores across Italy and for one third abroad. All the figures are on the increase, without compromising quality, flexibility and the speed required to guarantee excellent products and services. Pianca continues to be the proud standard-bearer of Made in Italy and to cultivate a design culture that offers creativity, customization and an overall vision, which goes beyond the individual product, as Antonia Pianca pointed out.

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