The new Roverbasso factory - PIANCA
Pianca nuovo stabilimento Roverbasso

The new Roverbasso factory

Pianca opens a new factory in the Municipality of Codognè: 9,000 sq.m of space where high-tech machinery, equipment and systems make semi-finished wood products using efficient, sustainable manufacturing processes.

Combining sustainability, technology and design, innovating manufacturing processes. The new Pianca factory is situated in Roverbasso, in the Municipality of Codognè, occupying a 9,000 sq.m site containing new advanced machinery, and high-tech equipment and systems for development of efficient, low environmental impact manufacturing processes.

The new factory is where processing of semi-finished wood products destined for manufacture of Pianca products takes place. The complete cycle is carried out here for semi-finished products, ready for painting – with environmentally sustainable materials – and assembly. Specifically, quality control procedures are in place in each department and the principal sizing, squaring-edge banding and drilling processes, plus custom drilling for special order products, are performed.

Pianca nuovo stabilimento Roverbasso-02

The factory was designed with high energy efficiency criteria. The photovoltaic system installed on the roof lowers energy costs, while reducing the environmental impact of manufacturing operations. It’s a way to renew Pianca’s commitment to sustainability. Energy consumption of latest generation machinery is minimised via computerized management. Production waste is recycled on to other sites to reuse energy, in line with green economy requirements.

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