Sustainable and high quality leathers - PIANCA
pelli sostenibili realizzate senza metalli pesanti all'interno di una filiera corta che riutilizza al massimo gli scarti.

Sustainable and high quality leathers

A well thought and designed sample set can be recognised from many details and Pianca has attention to detail at its core.

Innovation and sustainability should always tread the same path, in synergy with one another. This is one of the key issues piloting Pianca’s company development. The idea of offering a completely sustainable leather collection took shape in collaboration with the renowned Dani Group tannery of Vicenza, that created a leather of the highest quality, produced without heavy metals, within a short production chain, which reuses as much waste as possible. These leathers are the result of 10 years of research and development, devised to reduce the environmental impact of every phase of its production cycle, and it marks a shift in the leather tanning industry towards sustainability.

Pianca has chosen only sustainable leathers manufactured by Dany Group for its collection, becoming their partner and supporting the reforestation projects initiative, certified by UNFCCC, the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change: doing its bit to help the environment by offsetting quotas, albeit low ones, of carbon dioxide produced in the leathers tanning process.

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