Palù bedroom set and Embrace bed the new products at Supersalone
Progetti di design 04-Pianca

Palù bedroom set and Embrace bed

Designed by Raffaella Mangiarotti and Note Design Studio, the new bedroom products are inspired by nature and feature inviting design

Presented during Milan Design Week, the latest Pianca bedroom products feature soft, embracing forms, with echoes of nature and textural balance. Designed for living spaces that transform and evolve, the new furniture pieces still retain a reassuring intimacy.

PIANCA_palu comodino Mangiarotti

Palù bedroom set designed by Raffaella Mangiarotti

The new Palù collection designed by Raffaella Mangiarotti, consisting of a bedside table and bench seat, is inspired by canes and portrays a concept of small-scale architecture, defined by the linear effect of solids and empty spaces. The natural curves created using a sequence of wooden rods define the space. The frame embraces suspended volumes, like the upholstered seat or the Vienna straw shelf. In the bedside table, the round recycled leather drawer opens towards the bed, transforming into a second shelf.

PIANCA_Embrace design NotedesignStudio

Embrace bed designed by Note Design Studio

The Embrace bed, produced in collaboration with Note Design Studio of Sweden, echoes the warmth of an embrace. The dominating feature of the bed, the curved headboard, cocoons the main body of the bed, offering protective, reassuring shoulders. Concealed legs raise the structure a few centimetres off the floor for a delicate, floating effect.

The latest night zone products are presented in the Progetti di Design 04 catalogue, the Pianca editorial project designed to give the background story to its products.

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