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Intesa Sanpaolo is financing Pianca’s sustainable development

Intesa Sanpaolo and Pianca are signing an agreement to finance sustainable development of the Veneto company: 4.3 million Euros for construction of the new production facility in Codogné, Treviso, as part of its sustainable development.

Pianca is continuing its development with a focus on environmental sustainability. Intesa Sanpaolo is boosting and supporting the company’s ethical vision with a 4.3 million Euro finance package.

The finance package will support existing investment at the Pianca production facility in Codogné, Treviso, which involves construction of a new building and purchase of new systems for more efficient manufacturing, thus increasing output of semi-finished products obtained in line with circular economy principles.

The company’s overall investment of 11 million Euros is aimed at boosting production within its international expansion strategy, characterised by stepping up production of its ranges by famous designers and environmentally-friendly solutions.

Intesa Sanpaolo is dedicated to seeking to promote a sustainable economy, in particular encouraging the development of SMEs. With the new s-Loan medium-long term financing tool, the bank is committing to helping companies achieve greater sustainability in the sphere of ESG – Environmental, Social Governance criteria, rewarding worthy behaviour in the scope of sustainability.

Pianca’s ESG objectives include introducing a procurement policy that integrates environmental principles and increasing the share of customers and suppliers focussed on sustainability issues, with the adoption of good social and environmental practices.

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