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green pea flagship store in turin italy the first retail park in the world pianca

Green Pea

Selected by Oscar Farinetti as one of the standard bearers of sustainable design, Pianca is joining Green Pea: the world’s first Green Retail Park.

Pianca is getting involved in the innovative project commissioned by Oscar Farinetti, a place dedicated to sustainable consumption, with more than 100 companies sharing a common concept of green vision and green products.

In the flagship store, designed by Studio Calvi Brambilla, ethics meets aesthetics, and the story of Pianca’s sustainable vision is told not only through the products, but also via poetic green installations by Green Wise.

For the opening of Green Pea, Pianca is previewing a special green version of the Calatea armchair by Cristina Celestino, redesigned according to the criteria of the circular economy.

Combining elements of botany and ergonomics, resulting in inviting, comfortable contours, the design of Calatea Green explores the outsize proportions of primitive, simple elements like leaves. Cristina Celestino pays homage to her home region of Friuli, and the alder tree, a native hardwood of the Julian Alps whose leaves have a distinctive, even-veined texture. The organic roots of the design are worked into the decorative motif, printed on the fabric by the artist Alberto Fiocco who made Calatea Green a truly unique piece, born of a clever combination of art, craftsmanship and design. Every element of Calatea Green was reconsidered to reduce the environmental impact of the chair. The polyester ecofibre padding is derived from recycled plastic bottles, the fabric is made with open end cotton yarn recovered from cutting waste and the legs are solid FSC-certified ash.

Ogni elemento della poltrona Calatea Green è stato ripensato per ridurre l’impronta ambientale della seduta. L’imbottito, realizzato in eco-fibra di poliestere, proviene dal recupero di bottiglie di plastica, il tessuto è ottenuto da un filato di cotone prodotto con sistema Open End, mentre le gambe sono in legno massello di Frassino certificato FSC®
Calatea green, poltrona nata da un dialogo tra botanica ed ergonomia, risolto attraverso un volume avvolgente e confortevole, Calatea Green rappresenta la sintesi di una ricerca formale che indaga le proporzioni fuori scala di elementi primitivi e semplici come le foglie design Cristina Celestino per Pianca

The 150 sq.m Pianca showroom at Green Pea was designed by Studio Calvi Brambilla. In the showroom space, all the great classic models of the Veneto company are on display: the Maestro table by Emilio Nanni, the All-in sofa by CMP, the Milano wardrobe, the  Spazioteca bookcase, the Laurie armchair, the Baio occasional table by Calvi Brambilla, the Abaco coffee table and the iconic Fushimi bed by designer Philippe Tabet, who will preview some new products for the first time ever.

Pianca aderisce all’innovativo progetto voluto da Oscar Farinetti green pea primo green retail park al mondo

The final important element in this combination of beauty, poetry and nature is the project by Green Wise, the Japanese design studio which has found success in more than 100 years in business, in innovative, sustainable and holistic use of plants and flowers. The Japanese design studio created floral designs for the Pianca flagship store at Green Pea with predominantly Kukido arrangements, a new approach to floral design, to promote organic, local and seasonal cultivation of plants and flowers.

Green pea, negozio di 150mq progettato da Calvi Brambilla per Pianca

All the plants used by Green Wise are grown in near-wild conditions, unlike most commercial flowers which are cultivated using large quantities of chemical products to extend their lifespan.
Green Wise plants have curved stems and bend in different directions because they are exposed to the rain, buffeted by the wind and grow towards the sun. Their petals and leaves are marked with holes and scratches, proof that they have grown with their own energy, without use of pesticides or chemical fertilisers.

installazione verde di green wise presso il negozio monomarca di Pianca a Torino
Per il Flagship di Pianca a Green Pea, lo studio giapponese ha definito un allestimento costituito principalmente da composizioni Kukido: un nuovo approccio al design floreale, per promuovere una produzione organica, locale e stagionale del verde.

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