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dream on allestimento progettato dallo studio Calvi brambilla per Pianca

Dream on

The perfect opportunity to view the new collection by Philippe Tabet and admire every detail close up, discovering its simple, striking design

From 8th to 19th February, the Pianca & Partners showroom will host a special display, dedicated to the new collection designed for Pianca by Philippe Tabet. Designed by Studio Calvi Brambilla, „Dream on“ will envelop the new products in an amazing, dreamlike atmosphere.

The main presentation of this dream will be primarily in the showroom windows, set in a scenario of a night that knows no secrets, bathed in light: the night designed by Philippe Tabet. It almost seems to suggest the title of a fantasy novel, when in fact, beyond suggestions, at the heart of it all lies a complete industrial design project, the result of a long-standing work collaboration between the designer and Pianca.

The Rada bed will be suspended in a perfect scene, created to conjure up the idea of lightness and elegance, but also to make us ponder the concept of equilibrium. „Design always finds the equilibrium between fun and tolerance“, claims Philippe Tabet, who views the creative phase as the part that affords most space for dreaming and liberty, opposing and balanced out by the product development phase, which is more demanding and stringent.

There will also be pillows and clouds floating in the window display, playing an essential part in conveying the concept of comfort, explored by Tabet in an elegant, tangible way. Functionality is a carefully considered quality in his products, through simple, calculated design with flowing, harmonious contours.

A special display for the new collection designed by Philippe Tabet

Inside the showroom, the display will continue with the Nota night zone furniture set and the Fushimi Lounge armchair, presented in various finishes and colour combinations. Besides the new collection, the showroom will also have other Philippe Tabet design products on display: the Fushimi series, the Inari family and the Esse occasional chair.

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