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Pianca distribuisce ai suoi dipendenti magliette incotone biologico

We choose to wear sustainability

The new eco-friendly t-shirts are being rolled out to its manufacturing staff: because sustainability is at the root of everyday choices

Pianca has rolled out new organic cotton t-shirts to its manufacturing staff. It’s a sustainable choice that again reaffirms the Pianca commitment to making sustainability part of every company process. From raw material selection through to personal comfort.

Unlike traditional cotton, organic cotton is cultivated ethically according to the principles of organic farming, and is sourced from plants grown without using chemical substances such as the pesticides and weed-killers used in production of standard cotton, which are harmful for both the environment and people.

pianca azienda sostenibile divise in cotone biologico colore verde

The Pianca organic t-shirts, ethical and sustainable, are also non-toxic, non-allergic and let skin breathe. They also use vegetable-based dyes.

The special cultivation method of organic cotton offers many other benefits: reduced water consumption and toxic gas emission, respect for soil and farmers, and produces a pure, resistant, high quality material, suitable for protecting the future of the planet.

in fabbrica si indossano magliette in cotone biologico pianca

It’s a small gesture by Pianca to distribute new eco-friendly t-shirts that are simply and discreetly becoming part of everyday operations.

Pianca has always cared for the environment: in the choice of raw materials, traceability along the entire production chain, and continued efforts to improve manufacturing performance, reduce consumption and minimise waste. Choosing organic cotton is part of this commitment, for a better planet and a brighter future.

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