Just as if they were arranged in a personal boutique, your objects and garments must be enhanced and exhibited with elegance and order. The glass doors, defined by a Gunmetal Grey or metallized brown frame, set off and add a finishing touch to arrangements. The visible interior accessories show off their great ability to efficiently organise spaces with style. The hinged doors come with special pivot hinges that can open at a 180° angle.




Argento Argento
Piombo Piombo
Fumé Fumé
Trasparente Extrachiaro Trasparente Extrachiaro
Fumé trasparente Fumé trasparente
Fumé satinato Fumé satinato
Metallizzato Bronzo Metallizzato Bronzo
Trama Bronzo Trama Bronzo
Trama Fumé Trama Fumé
Trama Argento Trama Argento

Internal finishes

Bianco Bianco
Seta Seta
Perla Perla
Nuvola Nuvola
Cenere Cenere
Ninfea Ninfea
Paglia Paglia
Cielo Cielo
Timo Timo
Argilla Argilla
Fumo Fumo
Cappuccino Cappuccino
Piombo Piombo
Nero Nero
Bamboo Bamboo
Zafferano Zafferano
Tucano Tucano
Melograno Melograno
Melanzana Melanzana
Notte Notte
Lavagna Lavagna
Cioccolato Cioccolato
Materico Bianco Materico Bianco
Perlage Conchiglia Perlage Conchiglia
Perlage Terra Perlage Terra
Rovere Laguna Rovere Laguna
Canaletto Canaletto
Borgogna Borgogna


Silicio Silicio
Canna di Fucile Canna di Fucile

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