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Intro as in “introverted,” from the idea of a person discreetly folding his hands behind his back. The essential design expresses a specific character: the base with its slender lines supports a comfortable seat, welcoming, soft to the touch. Seen from behind, the back displays the folded arms that provide a handy grip for lifting and moving the chair. The stackable structure permits optimization of spaces used for entertaining guests. Thanks to its form and the characteristics of its materials, Intro is also an excellent choice for any space in the home.
intro chair made in polyamide in lavagna color designed by Odo Fioravanti per Pianca
sedia intro in poliamode color lavagna disegnate da Odo Fioravanti per Pianca
intro chair with sled feet and stackable
sedia moderna con base a slitta impilabile
sedie impilabili in poliuretano pianca
tavolo inari con piano in vetro e struttura in legno sedie con seduta in poliuretano nero e gambe in legno pianca
intro sedia in poliuretano nero con gambe in legno canaletto design odo fioravanti perpianca



Bianco Bianco
Lavagna Lavagna

Metal Structure

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Bianco Bianco
Lavagna Lavagna

Wooden Structure

Borgogna Borgogna
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Frassino Antracite Frassino Antracite
Frassino Nero Frassino Nero

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