Pianca - A restart awaited which fills us with optimism and enthusiasm.
Pianca riprenderà l’attività produttiva e riavvierà le spedizioni, in Italia e all’estero.

We are ready to start

From May 4th , following the new government regulations, Pianca will resume production and loadings both for the national and international markets. A restart much awaited and hoped for, which fills us with optimism and enthusiasm.

It goes without saying that we adopted all measures to implement social distancing and work according to the regulations enforced by the Italian government. Safety comes first, and the company decided to also take out an insurance policy protecting its employees and partners in the event of a hospitalisation for Covid-19.

We trust in an effective restart, thanks to the collaboration of our team which is an invaluable resource both professionally and humanely; we witnessed this during these challenging weeks when our employees stood out for their sense of communion and flexibility. Let’s also not forget that many of our offices remained active during the lockdown and that was possible thanks to the versatility and expertise of our employees.” Aldo Pianca, PIANCA CEO

During the past weeks we experienced new work modalities to interact with our partners and keep in contact with clients, architects and agents. Technology helped us to experiment new forms of communication, but at the same time we are looking forward to be fully available again.

We are ready to start again, and we cannot wait to have our relationships back to normal.

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