New company showroom PIANCA designed by Calvi Brambilla
nuovo showroom pianca tavolo maestro e sedie esse

New company showroom

Completely restyled and set up by Calvi Brambilla studio, the company showroom offers a representative view of the new Pianca’s mood and collections. Throughout the Virtual Tour, everyone has now the possibility to visit it and to live an immersive experience inside new exhibition.

Inside the historic company headquarters, the Pianca’s showroom has been protagonist of a huge renewal operation, begun by the redistribution of architectural spaces. Calvi Brambilla studio, who has already worked on the last editions of Pianca’s Milan Design Week stands, has designed the new spaces and has curated the fitting. This is a proof of a consolidated collaboration, such as that one with the Elena Caponi Studio, who was head of the styling for this project.

The exhibition extands over 780 mq and gives more space to the new day and night collections. In addition to the most famous and representative brand’s products, it’s possibile to find out some of our newest products, just like the ones designed by Emilio Nanni, Calvi Brambilla, Philippe Tabet and CMP Studio.

The chosen colours palettes are elegant and sophisticated: fabrics, leathers, finishes and materials combine and create cozy and welcoming atmospheres, that perfectly embody Pianca’s mood. Precious marbles, such as Grafite and Gioia di Carrara, are matched, for example, with Borgogna and Canaletto woods, and with Bronzo and Titanio metal finishes. A delicate set of neutral tones gives spece to warm shades, just like Tabasco or Mattone, and to a range of cold colours, such as Onice and Mirto.

mostra rinnovata per pianca

In order to show the high level of customization of Pianca’ collections, a completely new space called Materioteca has been introduced to display the samples of all of our finishes. This choice, just like the others, follows a specific purpose: conceiving the showroom in Gaiarine as a working and co-working space dedicated to professionals and authorized reatilers, who will be free to interact directly with the company.

letto fushimi e panca design philippe tabet pianca

In the meantime, the showroom was designed and built as Pianca’s signature space to share with the public. To give everybody the possibility to visit it and explore it, the company has just created a Virtual Tour, which is a tool that allows visitors to immerse themselves into three-dimensional images, in a very realistic way. It is also an interactive experience, because during the tour it is possible to click on special tags and to discover more about some products’ characteristics and specifics. For Pianca this is an innovative tool to engage the public and actively involve it.

cabina armadio pianca in showroom a gaiarine

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