Code of Ethics - PIANCA
Codice etico - modello 231, azienda eticamente fondata- Pianca

Code of Ethics

The Code of Ethics summarizes the set of values that Pianca recognizes, accepts and shares and the set of responsibilities it assumes towards internal and external stakeholders

In a rapidly-evolving international environment, marked by complexities of timing and major challenges, Pianca is committed to making its processes simpler, more efficient and more compatible with safety, environmental sustainability and quality requirements.

For this reason Pianca has chosen to implement an Integrated Quality, Environment and Security Management System and formalize its commitment to social sustainability, territorial prosperity and environmental protection via a Sustainability Report.

The Code of Ethics, the primary safeguard underpinning the Organizational Model adopted by Pianca, summarizes the set of values which the company recognizes, accepts and shares and the set of responsibilities it assumes. Observing those principles and regulations is essential for the successful operation, reliability and reputation of Pianca and ensures not only correct vision of the actions of Pianca employees, but also human actions in general.

Focussed on improving the well-being of customers and co-workers alike, the ethical vision promoted and sustained by Pianca is founded on the values of correctness, fairness, integrity, loyalty and professionalism. Values that underpin all actions and conduct in both internal and external relations.

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