Adopting sustainable solutions is a priority for Pianca
sostenibilità Pianca, installa dei distributori d'acqua per la depurazione per ridurre il consumo di bottiglie di plastica regala a tutti i dipendenti delle bottiglie termiche

Green choices

Adopting sustainable solutions is a priority for Pianca. To eliminate use of plastic water bottles in the company and guarantee a supply of superior quality water, water purifiers have been installed and all staff have been given handy insulated drinking bottles.

Pianca is actively involved in protecting the environment and safeguarding people’s health, and the company’s consolidated actions bear witness to this. The latest company initiative involves all Pianca staff, offices and plants.

The basic underlying concept is one which has been gaining in popularity around the planet for years: focussing on the environment is something that manifests in grand sweeping gestures, but also in small, everyday actions that can make a real difference. This is why Pianca has decided to focus on all aspects of company life. This includes consumption of drinking water.

To encourage healthy, environmentally friendly habits, Pianca has installed the latest generation water purifying and ionising equipment, made of low environmental impact materials, designed to remove impurities, bacteria, chemical substances and heavy metals from the water supply. The resulting water is good quality, healthy and full of beneficial properties for our bodies.

Pianca has also provided all staff members with a handy insulated stainless steel water bottle to avoid use of plastic bottles or cups. This solution not only reduces plastic waste, but lowers pollution derived from transporting bottled water, which all benefits the environment and improves air quality.

Taking care of staff, reducing plastic use and waste, and reducing atmospheric pollution are the motivators which have led the company to adopt these sustainable choices, positively welcomed and appreciated by all the staff.

We can only foresee a better future if we all behave responsibly. And Pianca is actively dedicated to achieving this goal, getting all 250 staff members on board and raising awareness about these issues.

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