cabinets-bookcase, Unless, design, Ferruccio Laviani, Pianca

Regular, symmetrical geometrical designs evoke a reassuring sense of order. The modular Unless bookcase plays around with the idea of repetition, offering structures than can easily be expanded horizontally or vertically, created from one basic module. A simple slot-in mechanism creates spatial repetitions with subtle, minimal design, that blend into their setting in a very natural way. The Unless bookcase also makes a stunning room divider with the additional possibility of fitting small drawers.


Unless bookcase designed by Ferruccio Laviani, illustration by Pierre Bourrigault

libreria bifacciale in legno colore grigio nuvola, poltrona all-in design cmp design studio tavolini componibili 1+1 pianca
libreria modulare componibile bifacciale da centro stanza con cassetti design ferruccio laviani per pianca
libreria composta con moduli ad incastro design ferruccio laviani per pianca
unless double face bookcase modern italian design pianca
libreria moderna bifacciale con cassetti unless design ferruccio laviani pianca
dettaglio moduli sovrapposti componibili senza ferramenta libreria moderna grigio nuvola pianca



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