Supersalone settembre Pianca


The star features of the Calvi Brambilla-designed stand are the Platea sofa by Emilio Nanni and Spazioteca in a space filled with gleaming, reflective finishes to “immerse the public in a deliberately surprising domestic environment”.

Pianca took part in Supersalone, one of the most eagerly awaited design events of the year and a new occasion to get together, exchange ideas and make a fresh start. The star features in the Calvi Brambilla-designed stand were the new Platea sofa by Emilio Nanni, a reworking of the armchair of the same name from 2019, and Spazioteca, the system which adds a new dimension to the classic bookcase concept.

“For Supersalone 2021 we decided to go beyond the more typically industrial products of Pianca, taking customizing to the extreme. The specialness of the gleaming, reflective finishes shows the company’s desire to experiment and immerse the public in a deliberately surprising home environment with optimistic genderless shades of pink and polished chrome. It’s a message that strives to reach beyond the dimension of the home environment.” Calvi Brambilla.

Milano Design Week was the occasion for Pianca to present its latest products for the bedroom and living room: furniture with soft, embracing forms, with echoes of nature and textural balance, designed by Raffaella Mangiarotti, Note Design and Studio Emilio Nanni.

The Palù collection, consisting of a bedside table and bench seat, designed by Raffaella Mangiarotti, reveals a visual reference to canes, the Embrace bed by the Swedish Note Design Studio offers a protective, reassuring cocoon and the Platea sofa by Emilio Nanni revives the appeal of the bergère chair and timeless elegance.

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