iF Design Award 2022 - PIANCA
Progetti di design 04-Pianca

iF Design Award 2022

Pianca wins the prestigious award with two products boasting curvy, embracing, sleek and elegant forms, designed by Raffaella Mangiarotti and Note Design Studio. It’s an award that showcases designs of outstanding quality, design study and excellence.

A prize for excellence and creativity: Pianca has won the iF Design Award 2022 with the Palù bedside table designed by Raffaella Mangiarotti and the Embrace bed by Note Design Studio. The iF Design Award is one of the most prestigious design prizes and every year selects the top designs, products and innovations in the world. An international jury of almost 100 experts select brand designs and startups who are outstanding in their quality, design study and for their unique approach to product design, communication, packaging, service design, architecture, interior design, UX and UI design.

IF Design Award 2022 comodino in legno Palù design Raffaella Mangiarotti per Pianca

The Palù bedside table by Raffaella Mangiarotti is part of the bedroom set of the same name. These small-scale architectural pieces feature the linear effect of solids and empty spaces, and profound harmonies. The bedside table first opens towards the user, then towards the room. Rotating towards the bed, Palù gets you to use it before communicating how. A slender form, a cylindrical volume, whose surface follows the rhythm of vertical wooden rods that recall bamboo canes.

letto Embrace vince il premio IF Design Award Pianca

Embrace by Note Design Studio is a bed with light, slender features celebrating union and intimacy. The headboard is defined by a soft, curvy design that creates a protected space in which to seek refuge, offering warmth and intimacy. Embrace brings a touch of elegance to the whole room, guaranteeing total relaxation and reflecting the Veneto company’s traditional trademark simplicity, style and muted design.

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