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3D Configurator

A quick, easy way to see all available options for catalogue products

One of the key benefits of Pianca products has always been the wide choice of custom options for the entire product range, from furniture to complementary accessories. Pianca is constantly committed to updating and diversifying its samples, to keep pace with design trends and the tastes of a huge customer base. Being able to explore hundreds of finishes and materials gives end customers and contractors the freedom to create perfectly made-to-measure interior design projects and solutions. The configurator is a new tool that Pianca has made available to everyone, to visualize products in many different versions. It provides useful assistance in choosing the perfect option to meet your needs. It can be easily accessed on the internet from any device, smartphone, PC or tablet, and does not require installation or a plug-in. Besides visualizing the configured product, you can also download the 3D image in a PDF format data sheet, useful for showing your retailer when asking for a quotation.

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