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Philippe Tabet

Philippe Tabet

Philippe Tabet was born in Versailles and got his degree in Industrial Design in Lyons. He completed his academic studies in Paris, where he started working with industrial and global design studios. Driven by the desire to gain a deeper understanding of the history of furniture, Philippe Tabet moved to Milan in 2011, starting his professional career in the furniture industry. In 2014 he decided to set up his own studio, making the focus of his work the production process, materials and their specific features: the shapes derived from them become a continuum of the material from which they are crafted. Philippe Tabet’s work focusses on the quest for the “true nature” of the material and his inspiration derives mainly from the various production processes, with a special regard for objects from past times. Tabet believes that every object must tell a story that derives from its own times. His passion for design manifests itself in a clear, precise style, characterised by bold yet gentle contours. Although the bulk of his work focusses on industrial design, his knowledge of production processes leads him to experiment with an artisan approach, as adopted for his Order masks, a series that pays homage to craftsmen, the “masters of manufacturing who maintain the order of the industrial process”, via different pressing and moulding techniques. Over the years, his creations have won awards and been on public display. Philippe Tabet believes that the practice of design should be applied to a broad spectrum of objects. This is because what he creates belongs as much to the furniture industry as it does to electronic device design.

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