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Space for discussion

Together we can grow, we can nurture virtuous dynamics and we can raise awareness in society. Meeting, talking and spreading awareness is extremely powerful. This is why Pianca and Fondazione Efesto organized a cycle of talks about accessibility and inclusivity issues

In this increasingly polarized society, together with Fondazione Efesto, Pianca believes it is important to create spaces for discussion and exchange involving a widely-varied public. Issues most important to the company include those linked to the social sphere, in particular disability and inclusivity, as the general principle to be promoted and sustained.
To raise awareness and foster an inclusive culture, on the initiative of Fondazione Efesto, Pianca will host a cycle of talks in the company headquarters in Gaiarine, to involve customers, partners, staff, local people and anyone interested in participating, in the debate.

michele celebrin_talk turismo accessibile_PIANCA

Michele Celebrin, class of 1985, has been living with a neurodegenerative disease since childhood. His physical condition has never stopped his desire to travel, explore and play sports. In his blog, «Si può fare», Michele reports viable tourist itineraries for all wheels in the Veneto region and beyond.

ruote libere_talk turismo accessibile_PIANCA

Sara and Alessia, two sisters passionate about inclusive travel and tourism, without limitations and discrimination always looking for itineraries, cultural places, restaurants, to discover to spread the culture of accessibility

The first talk will focus on accessible tourism. Guests will include Prof. Renato Pilutti, philosopher and theologian, who will talk about «Knowing the value of humankind», Sara and Alessia Michielon, the brains behind the Ruote Libere project, Michele Celebrin, outdoor explorer and sportsman, and Gianmarco Panizzo, Paralympic athlete and expert on the psychology of inclusivity. The moderator is Matteo Gobbo Trioli of Fondazione Efesto. The talk will look at accessible destinations in Veneto, amongst other things. More extensively there will be a discussion of holidays and leisure time in relation to special needs. Cellist Giulia Mazza, deaf from birth, will also be performing during the proceedings.

Wednesday 22nd May 2024
18.00 h

Pianca, Via dei Cappellari 20, 31018 Gaiarine, TV, Italy

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