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100% legno riciclato Pianca

Pianca joins the Ecological Panel® Consortium

Giving wood a new lease of life means contributing to saving resources, recovering material and protecting the environment. Circular economy is the keyword for a transformation that Pianca continues to foster more clearly.

Reduction, reuse, recycling, recovery, repurposing: these are the 5 Rs underpinning the regenerative economy forming the base for the Ecological Panel®, an all-Italian product that synergistically reconciles technological advances with absolute respect for the planet. For Pianca, joining the Ecological Panel® Consortium means becoming part of network putting the principles of the circular economy into action, a choice which confirms sustainability as one of the company’s core values. Pianca thus becomes an ambassador for reusing resources and particularly recovering wood. The Consortium has its own brand, a seal of recognition and a guarantee of product quality and origin for its user community. In this way, the end customer can be certain of buying a beautiful design product that is also sustainable.

il processo produttivo di pannelli ecologici dove il legno acquista una nuova vita

The Ecological Panel process

The Ecological Panel® is created via a virtuous process and is made of 100% post-consumer wood, sourced only from used objects such as old furniture, wardrobes, doors and drawers, which get a new lease of life. This is the new face of the wood. It marks the start of a path that can transform “waste” into precious raw material for the furniture industry. Not a single tree is cut down to produce it, which preserves precious forest resources. In numerical terms, the Ecological Panel® saves 2.8 million trees from being chopped down every year for industrial manufacturing. But that is not all! Recycling wood, whose life cycle is potentially infinite, reduces the volume of wood sent to landfill and greenhouse gas emissions, resulting in lower environmental impact.

Pianca aderisce al consorzio del pannello ecologico, dagli scarti di legno vengono creati i pannelli di legno

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