Through seven projects Pianca tells its vision of a home and design
home collection divulgativo arredamento pianca

Home Collection

Design marks and accompanies every moment of our lives, guiding the simple gestures of our daily routines. In a home, it shows the taste and habits of the people living in it, creating a personal idea of comfort and beauty.

Through seven projects Pianca tells its vision of a home and design: different styles for a dynamic and versatile approach. This useful presentation tool for our products was created this year paying attention to the sustainability of its printing process, which has become a very important topic for Pianca, especially during the hard times we all went through.

The cover is made of 100% eco-friendly paper: the natural look of this particular paper is given by recycled hard leather particles, replacing 25% of FSC cellulose. The hard leather particles have different dimensions creating a unique effect on the surface. The FSC certified paper contains 40% recycled cellulose, 25% hard leather particles and is produced using 100% green energy.

We chose this paper because we wanted it to reflect the company’s attention to the sustainability of its products an production processes and express the will to head towards that direction.

Innovation is an important challenge for our company, which fills us with enthusiasm and drives us towards new products and production techniques we cannot wait to share with you.

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