5th june 2020 - World Environment Day - Pianca

Environment and sustainability

The environment must be protected, with responsibility and awareness. Pianca takes concrete actions every day to preserve it, as well as its employees and customers

June 5th is World Environment Day, established by the United Nations. The first edition was in 1974, with the motto “Only One Earth” and every year it focuses on a particular issue. This year’s edition’s theme is biodiversity, following the United Nations guideline which named the one we are living as the Decade of Biodiversity. According to experts, forests host more than 80% of living species, both animals and plants, guaranteeing the stability, activity and efficiency of our ecosystem, they are a precious reserve of diversity in terms of genetics, species and landscape

pannelli sostenibili certificati fsc che provengono da foreste da prelievo controllato
l'imballaggio pianca è realizzato in cartone su misura e riciclabile al 100%

. Pianca is passionate about safeguarding the planet. To give its contribution, the company employs wood sourced from responsibly managed forests, following strict environmental, social and economic standards.

pianca utilizza vernici all'acqua sostenibili per il rispetto dell'ambiente e delle persone

Pianca’s philosophy has always been putting the environment’s safety first. Since its beginning, the company has always been committed to using resources responsibly, operating in a way that lowers its carbon footprint. A long-term project requiring more and more meaningful actions.

pannelli fotovoltaici installati sugli stabilimenti pianca

In order to minimise the impact each production phase has on the environment, the company carefully manages its resources. We use water-based lacquers and non-toxic panels to safeguard the health of our employees and to limit domestic pollution; the production scraps are used to produce thermic energy; a state of the art photovoltaic system generates all the electrical energy we need. Our packaging is eco-friendly, 100% recyclable and custom-sized to reduce plastic parts. Last but not least, Pianca believes that sustainability also comes from design, and that is why our furniture is designed to reduce production scraps and to last over time.

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