Fuorisalone 2024 - PIANCA
Pianca outdoor design Pier Luigi Frighetto

Fuorisalone 2024

Pianca&Partners previews the new outdoor collection, born of its collaboration with Pier Luigi Frighetto

For Fuorisalone, Pianca organized an unparalleled event at the Pianca&Partners showroom. Olympic and Paralympic athletes staged an unconventional performance, which revealed the new outdoor collection designed by Pier Luigi Frighetto for Pianca. “Ovunquesempre” (Everywhere and Always), the title of the event, was inspired, like the advert, by water, the sinuous movement of waves and the interaction between man and the natural elements.

Fuori Salone_Ovunquesempre-Pianca

Dynamic, contemporary and elegant, the new Pianca outdoor collection was designed in every detail for impeccable outdoor performance and exposure to the elements. It is produced using technical materials with enduring waterproof and weatherproof qualities. Its organic design was inspired by the gentleness and power of nature, but also the nautical world.


Outdoor life encompasses multiple dimensions: relaxing, socializing and simple carefree living. This collection was designed to meet all those needs with quality and style. The collaboration between Pianca and Pier Luigi Frighetto is marked by in-depth study of materials, putting durability ahead of style, and a meticulous approach to design.

Currently on display in the Pianca&Partners showroom in the heart of Milan, the new outdoor collection includes the following models: the Porto modular kitchen, the Maestrale line, Aliseo tables, the Aria chair, the Nuvola armchair, the Eolo table, the Onda table and the Levante upholstered seating collection.

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