Best Of Year 2023 - PIANCA

Best Of Year 2023

A coherent design, an ergonomic, innovative product and a stunning design vocabulary recalling the world of plants and flowers are the winning features that made the Peonia collection designed for Pianca by Cristina Celestino stand out from the rest

There were three finalists in every category and only one winner, voted by the public and a jury formed from the Interior Design editorial group. Best Of Year, now in its 18th year, again handed out awards for design excellence, the products recognized as the most important in 2023. As revealed at the award ceremony in New York, in the “Residential Lounge Collection” category, the winner is Peonia!

Peonia sofa with peninsula designed by Cristina Celestino

The result of a collaboration between Pianca and Cristina Celestino, Peonia consists of a sofa, a chaise longue and an armchair, primary element of the collection, which evolved towards a modular design. The shell of the armchair is marked out by a series of layered petals, which recall the semantic universe of plants. With a precise, sleek approach to style, in the creative genesis of her products Cristina Celestino drew her inspiration from nature to develop a personal, calibrated ensemble of references: materials, colour palette and forms work together to evoke the peony flower and create an ergonomic, embracing piece of upholstered furniture. With the same basic design, the sofa becomes a regal, elegant seat which, in the chaise longue version, reveals a new inclination for use, opening up all sorts of possibilities, capable of defining the space and usability of the product in a dynamic, vivacious way.

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