An innovative painting line - PIANCA

An innovative painting line

Guaranteed maximum performance in quality, automation, time and sustainability. The benefits are countless, thanks to new solutions created expressly for Pianca, tailored specifically to its requirements, designed to give the end customer maximum freedom over custom options

Quality, productivity and reliability: these are the requirements that led Pianca to set up a new painting line in collaboration with Cefla. Primarily, this choice made it possible to condense the entire paint cycle into one single centre. Secondarily, but not in terms of importance, introducing the new system ushered in a technological upgrade, with benefits reflected in productivity and reduced times. One major innovation is, for example, being able to minimize or, in many cases, completely eliminate time spent changing the colour on the machine. Considering that Pianca accepts all requests, even those not on the colour chart, it is easy to understand how high the daily colour change frequency is. With that in mind, this smart solution, designed specifically because of Pianca’s requests, is an important advance.

Guaranteeing maximum freedom over custom options is a fundamental aspect of the Pianca philosophy, oriented towards “bespoke tailoring” of every room and reacting promptly and precisely to the needs of a varied, exacting and dynamic clientèle. This is why the company shifted to Just-in-Time manufacturing in 1988, producing exactly what the customer requests, with ample options for customizing products in the collections. A flexible, elastic production system is a basic principle of the Just-in-Time model which keeps both the customer happy and ensures optimum resource management, reduced internal stock holding and waste.

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