New flagship store in Malta

Pianca reaffirms its drive to being international, by opening more and more flagship stores around the world. After the latest opening of Pianca’s store in Baku, on the Caspian Sea, the new chosen setting is Malta, nestled in the Mediterranean.

Malta is a place where art and culture meet in a cosmopolitan dimension, rooted in the almost mythological past of the island, but also a place where architecture and design are very much contemporary. Pianca is proud to be part of this cultural melting pot, that offers a visibility not only to local buyers and businesses, but also aims at the many tourists that visit the island each year.

Pianca’s showroom is located in one of Malta’s main design centres, not far from La Valletta. Wide windows reveal a fascinating setting, that well represents Pianca’s collection. It was designed by Calvi Brambilla on about 330 square meters, in an open space divided by metal golden separators, that allow to have a glimpse of the whole display at the first look. Pianca’s proposals help to create a refined environment both for the living area and night area and are the personification of a Made in Italy that stands out for quality, style and beauty.

Pianca’s style gives energy to the space, an energy that is contemporary, elegant, all the while maintaining its link to tradition.

Pianca Showroom
Valley Road, Msida MSD
9022, Malta
T. +356 2546-5000

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