Pianca Reparto B

Pianca Reparto B

“Reparto B” is the natural heir of the artisanal lab that enrico Pianca entrusted to his cousin Giambattista with the purpose of training young carpenters; a rather unusual choice in a time when the booming industry demanded a different approach. “Reparto B” is the place where nowadays we imagine, try, study and produce the prototypes that will become the new items that will be part of Pianca future collections.

“Reparto B” is the purest expression of our DNA: the tie with our territory, our tradition and the know-how built over centuries also thanks to contacts with artists and craftsmen of the Venetian Republic. It is also expression of our personal and collective history, made of people, aesthetic research and constant and sensible innovation.

Pianca design is not just a brand, it is a signature.

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